Call notes about my Request for Comment

The followng were comments I recieved on my Request for Comment submitted a bit ago.

  • Questions about Request for Comment:
    • What should I prioritize? NOGR or Labeled Array Interface?
    • Labeled Array. This is critical to get correct, and will make NOGR need and scope clearer.
    • How deep into PySAL should the Labeled Array interface go?
    • Design it like the library were getting built now.
    • Do not fail on import. Instead, use soft dependencies/optional import patterns
    • if necessary, write Python3-only components safely, so that new features can be leveraged.
    • What should get deprecated?
    • Anything that looks less smooth in the unlabeled array interface should get flagged with a depwarning.
    • If the tabular IO is smooth and works parallel to the older interface, then throw a deprecation warning on the FileIO components.
  • Deliverables in the medium term (targeting midterm eval for GSOC):
    • Two Contrib Modules:
    • GeoTable: interfaces between PySAL labeled arrays & Geopandas arrays
    • Pdio: extend and improve tabular interface already in PySAL
    • Some work in core:
    • Polymorphic weights constructors
      • i.e. work on any arbitrary iterable of shapes
      • return correct weights object from the iterable
      • possibly indexed by a second collection of indices
    • Revamp & scaffold new IO system revolving around multiple alternative packages & their drivers:
      • expose all pandas read_ functions
      • ensure pysal objects get serialized correctly into wkb/wkt by to_ on dataframes
      • wrap Fiona & geopandas constructors to provide identical output to pdio.read_files
  • Plan to connect with new geopandas contributors at SciPy
  • Investigate possibility of serializing with Libfeather (remote, if time remaining)

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