debugging the constituency level electoral archive

The smallest little errors give you some pretty weird results when you’re looking deeply into the data. In this case, Doug Bosco only ran against David Redick. Creighton and Binderup were oppononents of another Democrat that year, the then-congresswoman now-senator Barbara Boxer.

But, the incorrect story in the data is kind of interesting to consider… two Republicans ran in CA-CD01 in 1984, and won a combined total of >50% of the vote. But, Bosco won the seat.

This has happened before (kind of) in modern elections. While some candidates run in alternative parties/unaffiliated when they lose their party’s nomination (such as Crist in his loss to Rubio or Murkowski’s win as a write-in candidate in AK when she lost the primary to Joe Miller), it’d be real weird indeed to see the Republican party in a state nominate two CD candidates in a First-past-the-post system. Indeed, I don’t quite know if that’s legal.

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