GSOC Introduction

Hey all!

While I may have put the cart before the horse in doing an RFC before an introduction, it’s never too late :)

My name is Levi John Wolf. I am a PhD candidate at Arizona State University. I study spatial statistics, econometrics, & polimetrics, focusing on campaigns, elections, & inequality.  I am a Google Summer of Code student for the Python Spatial Analysis Library (PySAL), under the Python Software Foundation (PSF). My project reolves around building a better core datamodel for PySAL. My aim is to make our statistical routines more generalizable, and make it more clear how to work between PySAL and other common packages in the PyData ecosystem, like Pandas or Patsy. At its core, this will target abstracting specific implementation choices that tightly couple our statistical or computational geometry algorithms to specific interfaces, objects, or file formats.

I’ve had past contributions to this library and know quite a few of the contributors well. So, during the community bonding period, I did what I usually do, participating on the project gitter channel, and engaging in issue tracker work. I’m an enthusiastic gitter user, having been one of the first developers in the channel. In addition, I’m very familiar with the project contribution guidelines, having contributed before.

In addition, I co-taught a workshop on PySAL this morning with one of my project mentors (& PhD advisor), Serge Rey, at the University Consortium for Geographic Information Science meeting.

Overall, I’m quite excited for the start of the coding period, and can’t wait for my deliverables to start coming together!

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