Hey all! I’m Levi Wolf, a first-year, 22-year-old Ph. D. student at Arizona State University. I am starting this blog to help me accomplish 2 things:

1.) Begin tracking, however informally, a record of effort in many problem areas. In a very real sense, I anticipate this becoming a journal for stray thoughts, recommendations, and discoveries about the minutiae of daily life.

2.) Encounter new or alternative sources of inspiration and perspective on problems and questions. Too often, we sit in the same groups, reading the same materials, and lose awareness of broader academic experiences. Plus, there are so many “unknown unknowns” out there, I’m humbled by my own limited perspective.

I won’t set down a dogma or perspective here, as my experience has ranged from textual analysis of Shakespeare to applied GIS, and it’s a rather happy accident I’ve ended up in geography in the first place. Expect loads of geography and computation, with some political science mixed in for good measure. Keep an open mind, as I’ll rarely post hard-and-fast claims.

I will probably keep this quite professional. If you’re interested in my personal blog, I’m sure you can find it. But, this will be about the vagaries of geography, computation, and mathematics in a postmodern age, maybe with a few observations (read: gripes) about grad life thrown in :)

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