whew.... first "thing" sent off in grad school

  1. High expectations (by myself and those around me) increase stakes.
  2. I have an idea of where the line is between “ready to ship” and “needs more edits” without needing hard deadlines, but need more worldly experience.
  3. Writing this article is quite different than the work I did as a research assistant at the Office of the President, with Dr. Clay or Dr. Bruhn, or for the various campaigns and social movements I worked with.
  4. Stylistic expectations are kind of important, and the guidelines were not thorough enough for me to generate rational expectations.
  5. After breaking what I now consider an incredibly unrealistic deadline in early September, questioning whether the quality of work justifies the delay is rational.

Nothing game-breaking. I guess learning to live as an academic (or as a person) is to get comfortable with these doubts and fears, maybe figuring out where to draw the lines in some cases.

Adorno wrote about the strong disparities between how materially comfortable modern life is and how mentally discomfiting all the luxuries get. It appears my experience is no exception.

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