Lit Review Habits


Let’s go, academics. Share your tips on how you keep all your sources and notes straight while doing a literature review.

Zotero’s a great bibliography program that can use a simple button on your browser to import the info and pdfs from places like JSTOR or even just webpages. I use the “extra” line to note whether I’ve read/notated/printed/etc. that particular work as well as using the ‘notes’ feature to put specific info i think might be quotable for my own work.

Man, zotero is amazing, but I feel like I underutilize it pretty hard. I still do most of my reading on paper and stick most of my notes into workflowy, so zotero really just ends up being a link between my bibtex database and pdfs of the articles in question. 

If there was something like bibdesk for linux (that’s not jabref, which is annoying as hell to use) I’d probably take that over zotero any day. 

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