whyyyyy do we not use package managers everywhere?

I was doing some work in pandas and the append() function wouldn’t work as documented. Essentially, everything was conformable, but append() wouldn’t merge. 

Turns out I’m at least four versions behind on pandas, not to mention 3 versions of numpy and matplotlib.

Having one program that updates all your software is so desirable at this point that I can’t understand why the independent application install model still exists. Even Microsoft has its standardized .msi framework and OSX its package installer api. Why not include a package registry and a cli tool?

Proprietary package managers like Steam, the Windows Store, and the Apple Store are becoming more popular yet the architectures of Windows (particularly) and OSX (somewhat) aren’t built for this heavy-duty procedural software management needed for scientific applications.

The company tells you what gets to be upgraded automatically. Everything else is on you, without having a coherent system to manage it. And don’t even get me started on stuff like Homebrew or Chocalety…

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