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North Carolina voters are likely to be confused when they arrive at the polling place on March 15th. In addition to presidential candidates, voters will see congressional primary candidates on the ballot.

But thanks to a federal court decision, the districts those candidates represent no longer exist and any voters in those races won’t count.

Thanks to three judges, two animal shapes and one hastily redrawn map of U.S. House seats, North Carolina politics have been thrown into chaos.

It started to go off the rails on February 5th when a panel of three federal judges determined that the boundaries of the state’s 1st and 12th congressional districts were drawn in such a way to concentrate African American voters and dilute their overall influence.

Coming just five weeks ahead of voting, there was no choice but to “Stop the current election, go back, redraw the lines,” said Josh Lawson, general counsel for the North Carolina State Board of Elections.

North Carolina’s Congressional Primaries Are A Mess Because Of These Maps

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