On the subject of porting,

On this, the first few minutes of Guido’s PyCon Keynote really hit home.

Yes you should all be using Python 3, and I know that you all want to, but I know it’s difficult. You all have large amounts of Python 2 code in production that you’ve ported to Python 2.7.9 … but the step to Python 3 from there is still phenomenal.

You can’t just fix a few style nets and remove a few L’s from long integers. You have to actually understand your code. […] I know how hard it is, because you don’t get the satisfaction of “I launched a new feature.” No. I rewrote the same app in Python 3. I ported it to a new version of Python.

Does it do the same thing? Yes. Does it do exactly the same thing? hopefully. Is it an exciting launch? No. But you have to do the work, because then the next feature you launch will go better. But, if something holds you up, there are lots of things that still suck in the ecoystem.

If you’re out there porting some code, I hope you listen to the first half of Guido’s talk.

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