My (summer) Job, SF, and Gitter + IRC

Finally landed on my feet in the upstairs of a cozy duplex in Bernal Heights, waiting for my “onboarding” for Nextdoor after Memorial Day. So far, everything’s been nice. I was worried I’d be living in a very yuppie neighborhood, but, at first brush, Bernal Heights seems to have held onto a sense of localness.

Which brings me to the question of how to answer “Are you local?” I heard this asked to a few people today, eavesdropping across bars and coffeeshops during my first day of urban orienteering. Obviously, I’m not a San Franciscan. But, at the same time, I’m not really a tourist, either. Stating that you’re there for the summer usually leads to the typically American “What do you do?”, which is usually a discussion I tend to avoid. It’s interesting that a city with significant conflicts over sustainable housing development, aging housing stock, and gentrification has so far fought harder to determine the locality of the people I’ve been eavesdropping on than any other I’ve been in.

Fortunatley, Bernal Heights, sandwiched between the “Real” Mission and the “Outer” Mission, appears to be a little less embattled. I’m very glad this is the case. There are probably a ton of human & economic geography theses just on space-time analysis of things like Zillow prices, hedonic models on cafes and bus stops, and analyses of the social text. It’d be super interesting to see some of this work.

And, as a total aside, I just learned about gitter, a chat service centered around github repositories. I’ve hated pretty much every webchat application except for Hangouts, so I was very excited to learn that gitter has an Internet Relay Chat API. Being a member of a few IRC communities, this is very cool; every github repo gets a free irc channel, with webchat integration like found on mibbit. So, if anyone’s interested, I’ll be adding pysal/pysal on gitter to the list of channels I hang in.  

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