U.S. Congressional districts redrawn by a computer to eliminate gerrymandering [1603x2170][OC]

“”“Eliminate Gerrymandering”““

These kinds of maps are interesting visualizations, but I guarantee you that these maps would exhibit such strong partisan & racial bias. Thus, it burns me up to read that people think this is what Larry Lessig (or Barack Obama in the SOTU) mean when they talk about reducing/eliminating gerrymandering.

It’s strange to me when people forget that gerrymandering is boundary manipulation for the benefit of some group! That’s the key; both that a district distorts the underlying human geography and it does so in a way that has political consequences. It’s not just boundary manipulation.

Even if it were only about boundary manipulation, squiggly/elongated districts are not necessarily manipulated! Human habitation, land use, and the physical geography of places don’t always fit well inside of a voronoi tiling…

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