Time Management or Fortitude

Sometimes, graduate school seems like it’s less about time management than it is about fortitude.

The past 24 hours were a rather busy period. It probably wouldn’t’ve been so busy, though, had I decided not to go to a concert I really had wanted to go to. So, I stuck out an amazing show, turned around after PBR and punk rock, and banged out 1000 words, a presentation, a proposal draft, took three classes, gave two presentations, and spent 5 hours formalizing an algorithm for a draft due Friday. All since getting back from the show last night.It’s not unwelcome, but it is surprising. I think of how busy I was in my undergrad, working ~30 hours a week, maintaining a 4.0, and doing some pretty insane extracurricular stuff. In graduate school, it seems like the pressures and conditions compress more, as your “job” is tied up with your school, but still. I almost never had days like this before, and I’m sure I would’ve collapsed for any collection of reasons.

Now? Well, I’m alive, aren’t I?

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